Live International Otolaryngology Network Foundation (LION) – Doctors United for Worldwide Education – May 18-19, 2020

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Special international event: Doctors United for Worldwide Education

May 18-19, 2020

  • A global free e-learning program during the worldwide lockdown due to Covid-19 pandemic
  • 32 expert physicians and surgeons from 27 institutions united worldwide from: China, Japan, Hong-Kong, South Africa, Australia, India, USA, Brazil, Italy, Spain, France, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Netherlands, Finland, Lebanon
  • Several thousands of doctors around the globe will have free access to this 2-day program with direct live interaction via the virtual auditorium with speakers and moderators.

The LION-Foundation, is a non-profit educational trust, that is well respected and has been lauded for hosting the world’s largest live surgical conference in the field of Oto-rhino-laryngology, made an exciting announcement today. They have gathered surgical well-known academic experts from a huge number of countries worldwide under the banner of Doctors United for Education for a special educational “Virtual Congress” on May 18th and 19th 2020.

LION (Live International Otolaryngology Network) has an enviable track record. It already transmits live surgical tuition with “real time” audience participation three times a year and numerous point to point teaching services between centres of surgical excellence. The metrics they have reveal a recent transmission even had a connection from Antarctica which is illustrative its global reach!

The LION Board share a robust belief that the constraints forced upon all of us, as a result of the Covid-19 crisis, cannot be allowed to put medical education on hold.

Because of the technical expertise developed with LION’s partner Global Telemedicine Studios and honed over the 15 years, since their first broadcast under the LION banner in 2006, they are now in a unique position to enable LION to cast aside the shackles of both political borders and distance to unite like-minded colleagues.

This exciting development will serve two purposes: Firstly, in these troubled times, raise morale by linking thousands of colleagues with common problems from most countries around the globe and secondly allow connected members, of what has become a truly international family, to benefit from tuition by, and discussion with, Otological Surgeons who enjoy the accolade of being leaders in their fields. 

The team above, who are spearheading this ground-breaking event, point out that in addition to these benefits patients, who are the focal point of their efforts, are also being encouraged in open and free discussions by registering at to reserved a seat in the “Virtual Auditorium”. There is space in the first virtual auditorium audience for up to 3000 participants but many more can follow the live broadcast on the LION website. Those who register for free will be able to link with the international group of professors/ doctors during the specialist panels covering various topics in 90-minute sessions throughout the two days.

All doctors involved, and surely many more around the globe, feel the strong urge to stand together, united to pursue our medical education so that during the pandemic we are preparing for the future that will follow after the current situation.


CHU de Hannovre (Allemagne)

CHU de Zurich (Suisse)

The Chinese University of Hong Kong (Chine)

China Medical University, Chengdu (Chine)

CHU Tongren de Pékin (Chine)

CHU de Vérone (Italie)

Université de New York – NYU (USA)

Université de Iowa (USA)

Université de Melbourne (Australie)

Clinique Causse, Colombiers (France)

Université de Kuopio (Finland)

Université de Yamagata (Japan)

The New York Otolaryngology Group (USA)

Madras ENT Research Institute, Madras (Inde)

KKR Ear Institute, Madras (Inde)

Bombay Hospital (Inde)

European ORL Institute, Antwerp (Belgium)

Université de Rio Grande do Sul, Porto Allegre (Brésil)

Sirio-Libanese Hospital, Sao Paulo (Brésil)

Université de Nimègue (Pays-Bas)

The Ear & Eye Clinic, Alberton (Afrique du Sud)

CHU Gregorio Maranon, Madrid (Espagne)

CHU La Paz, Madrid (Espagne)

CHU de Liège (Belgique)

CHU Santobono-Pausilipon, Naples (Italie)

CHU Meyer Children’s Hospital, Florence (Italie)

The Ear Institute, Beyrouth (Liban)



Dr Robert Vincent (email : – Tel : +33616756982)

United Kingdom:

Dr Chris Aldren (email:  / Tel: +447952 229531

Dr John Oates (email: / Tel: +44 7711 70418

Germany :

Dr Thomas Lenarz (email: / / Tel: +49 511 5326565

the Netherlands :

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