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The LION Foundation was created in 2006 as a nonprofit organization. It is dedicated to promote medical and surgical high quality Continuing Education programs. LION was envisaged in order to improve the knowledge, skills and discipline of current otolaryngologists while introducing innovative programs designed to provide worldwide education including developing countries.

Otology Update Hannover 26-29 March 2019

DEAR PARTICIPANTS, OUR 22ND COURSE ON EAR AND TEMPORAL BONE SURGERY WILL TAKE PLACE ON MARCH 26TH – 29TH 2019 AT HANNOVER MEDICAL SCHOOL, GERMANY.We hope we will be able to present you with new as well as established topics from different areas of...

21st International Otology Course June 27-29, 2019 at the Causse Ear Clinic, France

Please join us for the 21st International Otology Course June 27-29, 2019 in Beziers, FranceThe objective of this course is to continuously set standards in postgraduate medical education in otology and to foster the sharing of surgical expertise in a...

The 14th Global Otology-Neurotology Live Surgical Broadcast

First announcement The 14th Global Otology-Neurotology Live Surgical Broadcast  We like to welcome you to the LION May 13-14 2019 event. This will be a 2 day Free live surgery instructional broadcast over the internet with very well know surgeons from...

The Final Program For the Upcoming Live International Otolaryngology Network Broadcast is Here

The Final Program of the 11th Annual Global LION Winter BroadcastThe final program is here to download for your convenience ...

News Flash – Nov. 4th 2018 – We Are in Full Preparation For the Live Surgical Broadcast

news flash   - Nov. 4th 2018 Broadcast -The members of the LION-foundation are working hard on the preparations needed for the upcoming live surgery broadcast. All surgical sites have selected their patients for the actual surgery. We have added the...

The LION Winter Meeting December 4th 2018, Free Live Otology Surgery Broadcast (Streaming over the Internet)

Mark your calendar for the 11th Annual LION December Broadcast Tuesday December 4th 2018: "Surgical Techniques for Hearing Restoration". Download the final program here.The live surgical program will include all topics in hearing restoration for deafness...

Program of the Live Surgery Broadcast December 4th 2018

THE 11th LION GLOBAL BROADCAST State of the Art in Hearing RestorationDecember 4th 2018  - LIVE SURGERY PROGRAM -

The 4rd LION Sinus Surgery on March 11th 2019

LION foundation is proud to announce the 4rd LION-ESS Broadcast on endoscopic sinus and skull base surgery on Monday March 11th 2019 The 4rd LION-ESS Broadcast on endoscopic sinus and skull base surgery will be held on  March 11th 2018 World-renowned...

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