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The LION-Foundation has been the pioneer in live surgery broadcasts since 2006. We started our broadcast project in the early days using 4X ISDN telephone lines to share the live surgery video and audio content. This was standard definition video and we were limited to the number of sites that could participate. Telephone lines have also a major drawback related to the cost. A typical broadcast would cost more than 30K euro just on phone cost!

We have moved to IP (internet) since that early period. We have been producing HD (1080P) videos since a couple of years now. The increase of internet connectivity has greatly helped to get great quality of video and audio.  

We are now working hard to move forward to the 4K video realm. An even better quality (4X) of video will help our mission to improve distance knowledge sharing and education. Below you will find some interviews we did about our first experience with 4K. The LION-foundation has worked together with Global Telemedicine Studios and Poly to perform the first successful 4K transmission. Please follow our progression of our 4K project. 

Together with the Global Telemedicine Studios and Poly we are working on introducing 4K in our broadcasts.  Prof. dr. Wilko Grolman


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