The Final Program For the Upcoming Live International Otolaryngology Network Broadcast is Here

by | Nov 19, 2018 | Broadcast, Sponsors

The Final Program of the 11th Annual Global LION Winter Broadcast

The final program is here to download for your convenience Download. This one day event will be transmitted (free to all) over the internet. You can find the link on our Home web-page that will bring you directly to the right broadcast channel. We like to invite you to come and join us over the internet and participate in the broadcast. If you have any questions for the surgeons you can ask them during the live transmission to the moderators. The moderators will relay them to the surgeons.

This event will be moderated by Prof. Cor Cremers, Dr. John Oates and Prof. Wilko Grolman. 

At a later date the surgeries will be added to our E-library for reference so these unique moments of live surgery will be there for anybody to watch. Our program is mainly focused on the post-training ENT surgeons but we know many others watch our broadcasts also. 

We invite you to come and join us for the 11th Annual Winter Global LION Broadcast dec. 4th 2018. 


Kind regards on behalf of the LION board members,


Prof. dr. Wilko Grolman President of the LION Foundation