news flash   - nov. 4th 2018 - we are in full preparation for the live surgical broadcast News Flash   – Nov. 4th 2018 – We Are in Full Preparation For the Live Surgical Broadcast Full page advert LION december 2018 ENT News V2b
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news flash   – Nov. 4th 2018 Broadcast –

The members of the LION-foundation are working hard on the preparations needed for the upcoming live surgery broadcast. All surgical sites have selected their patients for the actual surgery. We have added the program of the actual day event. Please remember like in the years before we will be relaying the questions we receive from you via the chat app to the surgeons and transmit them live of the air (internet). So please come and join us again for the Free Surgical Instruction Program on ear surgery (otology). 

Global Telemedicine Studies has reserved their studio 10 for the meeting so to our frequent viewer this will not come as a surprise. 

Hope to meet you soon,

Kind regards on behalf of all LION-Members

Prof. WIlko Grolman President of the LION-Foundations