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 UPDATE: covid-19 / SARS-CoV-2  March 26st 2020 – 

Update Dear colleagues,

We are grateful for your participation in this exciting development. Whilst the pandemic has wreaked havoc for our professional lives, those patients in our care and unfortunate colleagues and patients who have contracted SARS-CoV-2, we believe we have a duty to continue

virtual  to educate and maintain the highest surgical standards possible. LION has been in the vanguard of Telemedicine for 15 years. Because of the technological expertise and platform, we have developed we find ourselves uniquely placed to set an example to all specialties by continuing to educate despite the constraints the pandemic has placed upon us. 

It is likely that conventional teaching will all but cease over the next 9-12 months until this crisis, hopefully, resolves. In the meantime, LION can again showcase a cost-effective way forward that maintains the highest standards of medical education, allows global colleague participation, and continues to have a negligible carbon footprint.

As an additional benefit our sponsors, who have supported us over the years, who are now facing their own challenges, as a result of “lock down” of business as due to the pandemic, will be able to join us and take advantage of the transmission to give presentations of their technology and products and provide links to their Virtual Exhibition Hall.

Thank you all again for supporting us. Please sign up for joining us via the free interactive meeting room. All you need is a laptop or cell phone to follow us and ask questions live to the surgeons!

John oates Vice President

Message March 21st 2020: As a result of the exponential spread of SARS-CoV-2 or Covid-19 we enter uncharted waters, both for our profession and our species. The medical profession has the ability to lead us through this troubled Corona-virus period. It has the difficult task of empathising and supporting colleagues in the acute specialties, particularly Anaesthetics who are in the front line whilst still trying to support and, where appropriate, deliver timely care to existing patients. However, we must not lose sight of the ongoing importance of medical education, because of its importance to the future of the highest quality health care. We all know the world has become a very different place compared to just a few short weeks ago.  As with nearly every other gathering, social, entertainment and sporting, medical conferences are also on hold. LION believes that we should encourage the utilization of the technology, that we have played such an integral part in developing as a vital component in the continued delivery of medical education. Whilst it is unlikely that the current situation will allow live surgical demonstrations that were in an advanced state of planning for May we believe that we should use the time, set aside, to transmit the “edited highlights” of the last decade. We plan to choose some of the best quality and most interesting surgical cases and lectures that were recorded “real time”.

We believe that our skilled team of moderators, together with our technical crew, can blend these with live discussion participated in by the original operating surgeons, colleagues, trainees and patients.

The LION platform will continue to allow international teleconferencing to deliver the highest quality medical education despite the difficult times we all face and we are happy to offer our expertise to support other specialties who wish to benefit from this form of highly effective medical interaction.

Over the last decade we have all become aware of our carbon footprints and LION has been in the vanguard again in this area.

As we, as doctors, face the daunting practicalities of trying to control the current viral Corona threat we  hope that by delivering the May event in real time we are making a small but significant contribution to preventing spread and again setting an example to the wider medical world.

Thank you for continuing to support us in what we believe are worthy aims.

Mr. John Oates, Vice President on behalf of the LION foundation Board.

LION Broadcast May 18-19 2020









The LION Foundation was created in 2006 as a nonprofit organization. It is dedicated to promote medical and surgical high quality Continuing Education programs. LION was envisaged in order to improve the knowledge, skills and discipline of current otolaryngologists while introducing innovative programs designed to provide worldwide education including developing countries.

Below you will find the recording of our December event 2019. 

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