The LION Foundation was created in 2006 as a nonprofit organization. It is dedicated to promote medical and surgical high quality Continuing Education programs. LION was envisaged in order to improve the knowledge, skills and discipline of current otolaryngologists while introducing innovative programs designed to provide worldwide education including developing countries.

TIME TILL NEXT live surgery EVENT may 4th. register now








Dear visitor, colleague and friend. Soon you can register for our free live surgery broadcast of December 8th and 9th 2020. The LION foundation is working hard to realize an education program that is so badly needed now at times of the pandemic.  Come and join us and be interactive with the moderators and surgeons during this event.  

The LION-Foundation would like to express gratitude towards the sponsors below. These members of the industry have supported us in realising our quest of broadcast medical education around the globe. Without this collaboration we would be unable to deliver free, high quality, education to our colleagues and patients around the world.

For our upcoming broadcast some of the sponsors have kindly agreed to continue to sponsor the LION-Foundation in 2020. We all need to be mindful that the Industry is being deeply affected by the current pandemic, just as we are.

Hearing and hearing restoration for our patients are paramount both to us and our sponsors. During our upcoming broadcast, we will welcome the sponsors who have remained loyal to demonstrate present new developments and their products via a video or live link/presentation.

How to view and interact with the LION Broadcast

You have 2 choices

 1. For a 15th year LION is Free to View (via our website), for colleagues, patients and members of the public.

 You can benefit from this by watching the Live Stream.

You will still be able submit questions to the moderators via social media.

 2. If you wish CME evidence or direct connection to the event via Zoom (paid).

If CME proof of attendance is required and/or entrance to the “Zoom Room” Registration is required (see explanation below).

LION is provided free as a result of a combination of sponsorship by our industry colleagues who share our commitment to ongoing education, and the huge input of time and effort by the surgeons and moderators involved. We remain indebted to them.

Gathering CME statistics for those requiring evidence of time connected has proven labour intensive and complex. In order to fund the administrative input required, it is, therefore, necessary to charge a very modest fee of 13 €uro. This is ONLY for those that wish this evidence, desire a direct presence within the broadcast or feel they would like to support this worthwhile ongoing project.

We believe this reasonable as it works out at around 40 cents for each hour connected!

5     UPCOMING LIVE SURGERY EVENT May 4th and 5th 2021:     Just under a year ago, as Covid-19 spread out of control LION facilitated a record-breaking educational event which brought together many thousands of ENT surgeons in a total of 93 countries worldwide!

Who could have anticipated that we would now be sitting on the brink of a 3rd wave of the deadly virus! Despite the restrictions this has foisted upon us we believe we have a duty to continue to strive to deliver high quality online education in Otology.

We, therefore, plan to hold a 2 day live surgical transmission on Tuesday May 4th and Wednesday May 5th 2021.  

15 surgeons, recognized as leaders in their respective fields, will be taking part from 9 surgical centres. The surgery on Tuesday May 4th will concentrate on stapes surgery, ossicular reconstruction, myringoplasty and bone conduction implants (Bonebridge, Ponto, BAHA etc.). The following day, May 5th will see a packed programme focused mainly on Cochlear Implantation, together with Cholesteatoma and active middle ear implants.

The broadcast will be available to the public for free via this sites live stream.

We invite you to join us for one or both days. Please be part of this educational event and support the team who have generously donated their time and skills to promote ongoing surgical education.

Wilko Grolman

John Oates

Thomas Lenarz

Robert Vincent

Organizing Committee LION 2021

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