Visit the 3D LION Virtual Exhibit Hall: a virtual world with links to exhibitors and resources for the ENT community.

The 3D LION Virtual Exhibition Hall is an innovative use of virtual technology. It introduces the exciting concept of virtual exhibition space for companies supporting LION.

The LION Virtual Trade Show provides innovative visibility to LION Sponsors. Those viewing the site can “walk” the exhibit halls and pause to select specific 3D exhibitor’s booths.

Click here to visit the Virtual Exhibition Hall, just as you would do at a trade fair in a convention center. 

The virtual booths are designed to reflect the imagery of a real-world tradeshow with desks and displays. The appearance reflects those seen in convention centers to make it easier for visitors to relate to them.

With the limits imposed by exhibition venues size, traffic, time and cost factors, the development of the exhibition industry confronts many obstacles. There is a growing necessity to developing virtual exhibitions. LION believes this is the inevitable trend of future exhibition development which will run in tandem with stands at the largest meetings.

The 3D LION Virtual Exhibition Hall is structured in a similar manner to a physical conference and puts clinicians in contact with exhibitors in an immersive virtual world enabling them to find the products and services they need. It is possible to browse through booths just as you would at a physical conference whilst allowing visits to those parts of each 3D booth which are of most interest to the individual clinician.

All of the virtual exhibitors have their own 3D-booth. This is designed to display their company’s profile, contact information with links to their websites whilst showcasing some of their products and services. Brochures can be downloaded or picture or video galleries viewed if more information is required.

3D booths of Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze sponsors will appear as soon as you log on to the Virtual Hall. Please visit all of our partner’s booths by clicking on their booth graphic then use your mouse in the 3D window to move each booth in all directions.

Each virtual booth has several “Info” icons. These trigger different responses upon the click of the mouse. You can download a variety of product information, including brochures from the interactive “Info” areas. Click on the “Info” icon to access additional information, videos or downloadable documents provided by the exhibitor.

You can also contact by e-mail the virtual exhibit staff to discuss products, ask questions and schedule appointments. A chat-room will also be available in some 3D booths to allow booth visitors to discuss live with the virtual exhibit staff. The e-mail contact function will be available for one year and chat rooms will only be opened during specific events.

Just think of all the costs you will save: travel, shipping. No more time lost to travel, move-in, and move-out.

The LION Virtual Exhibit Hall will remain available throughout the year.

LION has based the entire platform for its Virtual Exhibition Hall on JavaFX because of the need to have highly customizable graphics controls.

Why not give it a test drive.

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